‘Bobota’ – Corn flour Greek pie

It’s been a while. And yet again (at least) for me, nothing really changed. Cooking is all around, it takes different forms every now and then, but that’s part of its nature right? So I come back with a big discussion: true love. Does it exist? What is it? Where can you find it? I […]

‘Sfakianes pites’ – Pies from Sfakia, Crete

I’ve been 3 times in the airport on January. I will be at least another 2 on February. And counting. Meanwhile, I’ve eaten lots of interesting food while traveling. And what I have actually confirmed once more is that the bigger satisfaction for me comes from cooking not eating. I want to experiment, learn, be […]

Prassopita – Leek pie

Have you ever thought of ‘why’? I’m sure you use it lots of times in your day and especially for the things happening around you coming from others; ‘Why did he/she do that?’, ‘Why did he/she talk to me that way?’, ‘Why did he/she decided to leave?’.. But I don’t mean this ‘why’. I talk about […]

Butternut squash pie

There are lots of pumpkins out there. I haven’t tried them all (yet). However, the taste of the butternut squash was an amazing surprise for me (in Greece where I grew up, these type of pumpkins are not usually found in our cuisine). What got my attention was its weird shape and its intensively warm […]

‘Tiropitakia Kourou’ – Feta cheese pies

When I made those mini pies I got this image in my mind: a bus full of schoolmates climbing the hills of a mountain somewhere in northern Greece. Laughters, teasing among friends, fun moments and then in my bag, wrapped in aluminum foil those cheese ‘kourou’ pies. I think it’s the combination of feta and […]

‘Spanakopita’ – Spinach pie

As time goes by and I get deeper and more consciously into cooking, things start to be shape up. It’s clear to me that any type of dough is of special interest to me. I think that the dough is a mirror. Every recipe/dish is, but with the dough it’s different. Every step you take […]

‘Kihi’ -Traditional filo feta pie

‘Kihi’ filo feta pie is an amazing, extraordinary pie made in my hometown, Kozani. The taste is so unique but the most amazing part is its artistic part, the way you make it! My grandma, Kleopatra, used to make such a thin handmade filo dough that you could even see through it! That’s the success in this […]

Trahanas pie

In Greece this recipe is made in lots of different ways (and places) but I’m sharing with you the one coming from my home town Kozani. Sour trahanas based on wheat is  a delicious ingredient that people used to make in older days during summer time and eat in the winter creating many different recipes with […]