Risotto with shrimps

I kept making risotto until it gets right, I made it (and ate it) 4-5 times straight, writing down the changes I made each time in the recipe. I search new recipes, saw many videos, read again. The 5th one worked pretty good. Valentina, my Italian colleague helped with some tips and some websites from traditional risottos! Enjoy! […]

Squid with wild rice & saffron

This summer in Netherlands is beyond all expectations. Everyone admits. It’s not the sunny days that make the difference, it’s the fact that they last and they come the one after the other for a long time. “Like Greece right?” my colleagues tell me at work. I smile at them, not having the right words to explain. How can […]

Salmon with mustard sauce

And then, you have those times when you have no more ideas, when you say “I can’t no more, I’m tired, I’m bored, I will not post anything today, I just want to eat without thinking food styling for once!” And that goes on and on and on.. “And you know what? I don’t even want […]

Pasta with pesto & shrimps

Today is ‘Tsiknopempti’ and that for Greek people basically means one thing: eating (grilled) meat. Lots and lots of it! And dancing, and drinking, and having fun! It’s celebrated within the 2nd week of Carnival and it’s just a few days before a 40-days fasting before Easter. Due to bad time management (spent too much time […]

Cod fish ‘souvlaki’

Greeks love souvlaki. I believe everyone does actually. It’s delicious no matter what. No matter if you make it with meat or not.. So here is a ‘new version’; cod fish souvlaki! Apart from being easy to make, tastes awesome and has great looks, if you serve it with garlic bread then the taste lifts up in […]

pasta with salmon in red sauce

  I should admit that I was not a real big fan of pasta. Even in my childhood that all kids were going crazy for it, I would probably go for fish!I know, strange! As the time went by, pasta served me well for many of my studying-living alone days as well as for my […]

cod filet with beetroot & sweet potato chips

I was thinking about the source of inspiration for this recipe and I concluded that vivid colors is the reason one more time..! I always keep in mind to combine colorful ingredients. And vegetables are just the place to find colors.. I’m a big fan of vegetables and fish, so here is a more ‘fancy’ version of what someone would […]

salmon with lentils & rice

well, did I grew up with salmon? no. I  was eating it from time to time but I was always told to eat ‘locally’ and ‘seasonally’, meaning enjoy the place and time of the year you’re into. so of course you can find good salmon in Greece if you want but you can certainly find the […]