Lasagne Bolognese

Most of the times the hardest things are the most simple ones. Or what is actually hard is to keep something simple, not to mess it, not to get lost, to simply do what you want. People will say that ‘It’s not always easy to simply do what you want’. And that sounds extremely comfortable […]

Pasta with garlic & Kalamata olives

Pasta hymne: “My beautiful pasta, you delicious and tasty thing, please stand there warm always for me, with these Kalamata olives and garlic patent, who really needs a red sauce in the end?” This is all you can get from my poetry skills. I did write this in seconds though, I guess it’s obvious! Either way, there […]

Pasta with hummus

What happens when you’ve made your lovely hummus and you’ve enjoyed it spread in fresh slice of bread or arabic bread or in grilled vegetables sandwich? There are still more ways to go.. yep! Get these long ziti pasta and make a unique hummus pasta. It’s a great way to make an easy and yet […]

Pasta with pesto & shrimps

Today is ‘Tsiknopempti’ and that for Greek people basically means one thing: eating (grilled) meat. Lots and lots of it! And dancing, and drinking, and having fun! It’s celebrated within the 2nd week of Carnival and it’s just a few days before a 40-days fasting before Easter. Due to bad time management (spent too much time […]

Noodle soup with mushrooms

When I first came in Netherlands for studies, I was impressed with the stores selling various types of cheese. There was a time that every week I was trying a new type of cheese. Well now I’m going through the chili pepper phase. Coming back from my last trip, I went upstairs to my neighbor […]

Ramen noodles with halloumi & spinach

Japanese ramen noodles, Cypriot halloumi, Mexican jalapeño, spinach and sun dried tomato (mediterranean flavors) and a glass of Italian Chianti. There is a cooking term for that ‘fusion cuisine’, meaning the mix of ingredients coming from different cuisines into a sole recipe. In other words this can be a ‘I forgot to go to the super […]

‘Petoura’ – Greek pasta

I was really excited last time I have visited Greece for summer. Well, that’s actually what’s happening every summer… but this one was a bit more special. I was about to learn how to make homemade Greek pasta, ‘petoura’! ‘Peter’ or ‘chilopites’ is one kind of traditional Greek pasta similar to Italian pappardelle but thinner. In my […]

Pesto sauce

If you start cooking regularly during the week, you’ll realize after a while that even when you come back from work hungry and tired, delivery food won’t be good enough anymore! So help yourself and keep in the fridge a jar with homemade basil pesto for times like these (and for others as well).. You […]

Trahanas pie

In Greece this recipe is made in lots of different ways (and places) but I’m sharing with you the one coming from my home town Kozani. Sour trahanas based on wheat is  a delicious ingredient that people used to make in older days during summer time and eat in the winter creating many different recipes with […]