Pesto sauce


If you start cooking regularly during the week, you’ll realize after a while that even when you come back from work hungry and tired, delivery food won’t be good enough anymore! So help yourself and keep in the fridge a jar with homemade basil pesto for times like these (and for others as well).. You don’t have to be a pasta lover (even though who isn’t?) to fully appreciate it. You can use it as dressing to a green salad, in a sandwich with tomato and mozzarella, as dip for your French fries or your steak and of course in place of red sauce in your pizza!  


the recipe10lepta-copy



(for 300gr. pesto sauce)

  • 100gr. fresh basil leaves
  • 110ml. olive oil Family nostalgia family_nostalgia
  • 50gr. pine nuts (or walnuts)
  • 50gr. parmesan cheese (or another salty firm cheese)
  • 3 garlic cloves
  • salt and pepper

The pasta used in the foto shooting are ‘Koulaxlou’, traditional Pontiac Greek homemade ones.



  • Wash the basil leaves well, dry them with some kitchen paper and add them to your blender.
  • Add the pine nuts, the freshly grated parmesan, olive oil, the garlic cloves cut in half and the salt and pepper.
  • Mix well for some seconds, stop and stir with a spoon so that any uncut pieces are well integrated and mix with the blender once more again for some seconds.
  • In the end you need to have a sauce which is smooth but not entirely pureed.
  • Add some to your freshly boiled pasta and..


Pesto was made with delicious extra virgin Greek Kalamata olive oil from Family Nostalgia!


You can store it to your fridge inside a jar for up to 4-5 days or you can keep it to your freezer even for a month!



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