Wild figs spoon sweet

This is the 2nd wild fig recipe of the trilogy. And the most popular recipe with wild figs in Greece. The ‘spoon’ desserts are made out of a big fruit variety (occasionally also from vegetables). As we serve a portion of the dessert as big as a small spoon can take, they got their name […]

Afghanistan rice pilaf

A cold night in Rotterdam, looking for a place to have dinner and open to try new flavors we ended up in an Afghanistan restaurant. Netherlands might not have the most sophisticated cuisine, however you can find food from many different cultures. It was the first time I tried Afghanistan food, spices, lamp, vegetables and […]

Salad with black eyed beans

This recipe was an inspiration from a man who wanted to make a statement for simple and tasty food; it doesn’t have to be necessarily good looking to be delicious. Since all ingredients match just put them all together in a bowl and go! Go, move on. Actually, when was the last time that you said to […]

Butternut squash risotto

Another butternut squash recipe? Yes! It’s this thing that you get with certain people, food, things and give up only when every possible try was made. To ‘try’ is beautiful, ‘to try’ means ‘to be alive’. Because apart from the things that finally will work, you don’t wonder ‘what would happen if..’ for those that […]

Butternut squash velvet soup

‘Be careful, don’t be late otherwise your beautiful clothes will be gone, your true identity will show and your carriage will turn into a pumpkin’ the fairy godmother said. I’m not sure what happens in fairytales but in real life getting a pumpkin out of nowhere is rather a good thing! Don’t be afraid to […]

Imam baildi

End of summer and here I am again in Thessaloniki. There is something special about this city. The air is comforting, it eases your inside world. Wonderng around the neighborhoods you know so well, the streets and small alleys and yet nothing is the same. Every time the same feeling. A swat melancholy at first but […]

Zucchini salad

When I was younger, I was claiming winter to be my favorite season. When I started cooking more often and came closer to knowing a lot of ingredients (and for a lot other reasons), I realized that all seasons are unique. As a big fan of fresh fruits and vegetables though, I now have a […]

Beet stems & leaves salad

Anna’s, my sister’s, favorite salad ! All those years now, lunch time on Saturdays, we all make the table together, the food would be for sure some kind of fish served with 2-3 salads, one of which most of the times would be stems and leaves of beets. While all of us as I said […]


Truth is that I wanted to make a traditional recipe for chick pea ‘balls’ from Sifnos, a beautiful Greek island. In order to do that I needed marjoram which I couldn’t find in Netherlands so I thought ‘let’s go with all the rest we’ve got!’. So Falafel it is! It’s been a while since the […]

Galette with mushrooms & turmeric

Vincent, one of my French colleagues after seeing my blog he brought me some recipe magazines from Paris just to give me a small taste of what’s going on right now in the French cuisine. That’s how I’ve met galette, the modern version of it at least. Galette is what the French call various types of […]