Beet stems & leaves salad


Anna’s, my sister’s, favorite salad ! All those years now, lunch time on Saturdays, we all make the table together, the food would be for sure some kind of fish served with 2-3 salads, one of which most of the times would be stems and leaves of beets. While all of us as I said were usually busy with making the table, Anna would be hanging in the kitchen a little longer making sure the beets stems & leaves salad is well seasoned before she brings on the table what’s left of it.. 🙂


the recipe


  • 500gr. beets stems & leaves
  • 20gr. olive oil (you might need some more)
  • 1tbsp. vinegar
  • 1 garlic clove (cut in very thin slices or smashed)
  • salt



  • Boil lots of water in a pot.
  • Wash the stems and leaves well and separate them from each other as you’re going to boil them apart (stems need more time that leaves).
  • Cut stems in 7cm length pieces and boil around 8′ (they need to be soft but not lose their shape).
  • Use a fork to see if they’re ready and remove them from the water with a big ladle.
  • The boil in the pot the leaves for around 5′. When ready drain well.
  • When stems and leaves are well drained and cold, use your hands to squeeze out of them any waters left.
  • Serve with olive oil, vinegar, garlic and salt and..
  • Τα σερβίρουμε με το ελαιόλαδο, το ξύδι, το λιωμένο σκόρδο και λίγο αλάτι και..

Enjoy !


  • You can make lots of it, store it in your fridge and enjoy it whenever you feel like it. Since it’s stored in olive oil you can keep it for at least 4 days.
  • You can boil also the beets, cut them in small pieces and add serve them in the same way as stems and leaves!




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