Bitter almond liquor

This type of liquor is the specialty of all other liquors my parents make. Around the end of summer one can find in the terrace of my parents house lots of bottles with different fruit liquors lying in the sun. Spirits going through zymosis, holding in there a touch of the summer aromas and warmth, […]

Homemade lemonade

Weather is getting better here in Netherlands so I’ve picked up again my beautiful, long bicycle rides! Coming back home yesterday from a bike trip, full of sun and summer smells, I dreamt of a fresh, cold lemonade! I stopped in the grocery store close to my home, the one that this polite Lebanese sir […]

Spicy chocolate

When Juliette Binoche in Chocolat serves a ‘different’ chocolate drink to Judi Dench the latter remains speechless. And so did I when I was watching the film. Did you ever had this feeling, when someone by chances shares some info with you, tells you something, and you just feel that this ‘something’ was already laying in you, is known […]