Bitter almond liquor


This type of liquor is the specialty of all other liquors my parents make. Around the end of summer one can find in the terrace of my parents house lots of bottles with different fruit liquors lying in the sun. Spirits going through zymosis, holding in there a touch of the summer aromas and warmth, releasing them whenever you open the liquor bottle in the heart of winter.. 


the recipe

For 2 liters of liquor

  • 140 apricot pits
  • 1 liter cognac
  • 1 liter sugar
  • 1 kilo sugar



  • Break the pits and the almond you’ll find inside of them in a glass or plastic bottle where you’ve already placed the cognac.
  • Let the bottle in a spot of your house where there is a lot of sun (or your terrace) for 40 days. If you use a plastic bottle make sure that you open it once in a while in order to decompress it.
  • After the 40 days put the cognac in a pot taking out the almonds.
  • Boil the water and sugar in a different pot in order to make a sirup (let it 8′ in the stove from the time it starts to boil and then remove).
  • Let the sirup get a bit cold and then mix it little by little with the cognac. After adding 2/3 of the sirup in the cognac pot taste your liquor and add as much more sirup as you want depending on how sweet you want your liquor to be.





  • You can serve the liquor with some drops of lemon juice, it will amaze you!
  • If you don’t prefer sweet drinks you can make the first half of the recipe. You can keep the almonds for 40 days in the cognac so as to get the nice aroma of the almonds!








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  1. mistimaan says:

    A big cheers to you for this recipe 🙂

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  2. chefkreso says:

    So tasty, my friend makes a similar liquor on his farm and all of us love it 😀

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