Wild figs spoon sweet

This is the 2nd wild fig recipe of the trilogy. And the most popular recipe with wild figs in Greece. The ‘spoon’ desserts are made out of a big fruit variety (occasionally also from vegetables). As we serve a portion of the dessert as big as a small spoon can take, they got their name […]

Saragli – Greek rolled baklava

Saragli is the baklava version that is nicely wrapped, allowing you to simply use your hands to eat it! That means that pleasure of eating it will be even more. That’s my view of course, I just think that when you don’t use any fork/knife/spoon to eat and you do it directly with your hands, […]

‘Sfakianes pites’ – Pies from Sfakia, Crete

I’ve been 3 times in the airport on January. I will be at least another 2 on February. And counting. Meanwhile, I’ve eaten lots of interesting food while traveling. And what I have actually confirmed once more is that the bigger satisfaction for me comes from cooking not eating. I want to experiment, learn, be […]

Bitter almond liquor

This type of liquor is the specialty of all other liquors my parents make. Around the end of summer one can find in the terrace of my parents house lots of bottles with different fruit liquors lying in the sun. Spirits going through zymosis, holding in there a touch of the summer aromas and warmth, […]

Chicken with lemon sauce – ‘Kotopoulo lemonato’

There is a saying in Greek about facing a dead-end. About a time that comes when you feel you cannot move to anywhere, everything seems difficult or scary, a time when it seems that you have no choice, no option to move on. In reality there is only a voice. A voice in you saying […]

Beet stems & leaves salad

Anna’s, my sister’s, favorite salad ! All those years now, lunch time on Saturdays, we all make the table together, the food would be for sure some kind of fish served with 2-3 salads, one of which most of the times would be stems and leaves of beets. While all of us as I said […]

“Kalitsounia” – Cretan sweet cheese pies

‘Kalitsounia’ is a traditional Cretan recipe especially made during Easter. The combination of mizithra, a mild cheese with sugar and cinammon is a wonderful way to have a light and yet tasteful dessert. Crete is famous for its local cuisine so it’s no wonder how everyone going there wants to try ‘Kalitsounia’ which are nowadays […]

Quince chutney cake

In Greece there is this dessert category, the so called ‘Spoon sweets’ or else fruit chutneys. Every Greek mom (or dad, but usually mom) makes a few during summer time together with jams. And what is regularly happening is that your mom wants you to have one or two or more jars, until you say […]

‘Melomakarona’ – Christmas honey syrup cookies

‘Melomakarono’ is the other major Greek Christmas dessert next to ‘Kourampies’. In this case honey is the basic ingredient giving also the name to the dessert: melo-.. from meli (μέλι, Greek word for ‘honey’). Apart from honey, cinnamon is also big contributor here and of course syrup and walnuts.. As a person, I’m not the biggest fan of […]

‘Kourampiedes’ – Christmas cookies

‘Kourampies’ is a typical Greek Christmas dessert made with butter, almonds, flour and powder sugar. It’s a lovely cookie with excellent aroma that you will encounter in every house during December. Being in Netherlands almost the whole month of December, I wanted to get some of this ‘home’ feeling so even though I know I will eat lots […]