‘Giouvarlakia’ – Meatball soup

I say, don’t fight. Don’t fight. Not the ordinary way at least. Get the punch. Take it. It’s yours. Take it all. You can and you should. It’s only then when you realize that you can handle way more than this punch. It’s only then when the blue sky comes. Laugh when your eyes are […]

Erwtensoep – Snert

10 years ago I arrived for the very first time in Amsterdam to study. There were no smartphones back then, I had all important addresses and a city map printed in paper to be prepared! The rain and strong wind that was taking away my 30 kilos suitcase and messing up my paper map didn’t […]

Butternut squash velvet soup

‘Be careful, don’t be late otherwise your beautiful clothes will be gone, your true identity will show and your carriage will turn into a pumpkin’ the fairy godmother said. I’m not sure what happens in fairytales but in real life getting a pumpkin out of nowhere is rather a good thing! Don’t be afraid to […]

Chickpea soup

After 4 flights, 2 boat trips, 2 train trips, countless bus and car rounds, it’s time for my bike(s) again! Back in the Netherlands, back in my cute apartment, back in cooking. I made a turn to some comfort food, at least for me. Chickpea soup, since the weather here is starting getting chilly. You will not need […]

Noodle soup with mushrooms

When I first came in Netherlands for studies, I was impressed with the stores selling various types of cheese. There was a time that every week I was trying a new type of cheese. Well now I’m going through the chili pepper phase. Coming back from my last trip, I went upstairs to my neighbor […]

Trahana soup

My hometown in Greece, Kozani, gets really cold during the winter time.. The best way to get warm in a cold night is to have some Trahana soup. Trahana can be categorized under cereal or pasta, as it can be made either with cracked wheat, semolina or flour boiled in milk or sour milk/yogurt. Trahana is widely known in Greece […]