Chicken with okra & wild figs

Hail wild figs! Wild figs trilogy is starting! All started with the wild fig tree that was brought up by itself (hence wild) in my parent’s yard. A couple of meters away from the ‘normal’ fig tree that gives close to August the loveliest figs in the world. “Figs! Yes! Figs!” that was me late May when I […]

‘Lamb Fricassée’ – Lamb with greens

Lamp is literally the ‘black ship’ of meat, people usually react like this when you talk to them about it: “It smells! It’s fatty! It’s heavy!”. I defied all this the other day and dared to buy lamp from a Dutch butcher who was listening Pink (!). Writing this in the Greek version of my blog […]

Lasagne Bolognese

Most of the times the hardest things are the most simple ones. Or what is actually hard is to keep something simple, not to mess it, not to get lost, to simply do what you want. People will say that ‘It’s not always easy to simply do what you want’. And that sounds extremely comfortable […]

‘Giouvarlakia’ – Meatball soup

I say, don’t fight. Don’t fight. Not the ordinary way at least. Get the punch. Take it. It’s yours. Take it all. You can and you should. It’s only then when you realize that you can handle way more than this punch. It’s only then when the blue sky comes. Laugh when your eyes are […]

Erwtensoep – Snert

10 years ago I arrived for the very first time in Amsterdam to study. There were no smartphones back then, I had all important addresses and a city map printed in paper to be prepared! The rain and strong wind that was taking away my 30 kilos suitcase and messing up my paper map didn’t […]

Chicken with lemon sauce – ‘Kotopoulo lemonato’

There is a saying in Greek about facing a dead-end. About a time that comes when you feel you cannot move to anywhere, everything seems difficult or scary, a time when it seems that you have no choice, no option to move on. In reality there is only a voice. A voice in you saying […]

‘Tigania’ – Fried pork with mushrooms

Fried pork with mushrooms is a typical Christmas recipe in Greece, especially in the northern part. Early December the first ‘tigania’ is made and until the end of the year it’s high likely that you’ll find almost everyday some of it in the fridge.. People eat it either as main course or wine ‘meze’, everyone […]

Beef with plums & trahanas

Sometimes we fall in this ‘loop’ of eating ingredients with the standard way, like beef: beef with rice or beef with fries or beef with rice or beef with fries… you get I mean tight? Or ok sometimes vegetables are there too. But food, in order to be good, it has to be ‘vivid’, there […]