‘Tigania’ – Fried pork with mushrooms


Fried pork with mushrooms is a typical Christmas recipe in Greece, especially in the northern part. Early December the first ‘tigania’ is made and until the end of the year it’s high likely that you’ll find almost everyday some of it in the fridge.. People eat it either as main course or wine ‘meze’, everyone loves it! If you get good quality meat then there is no way to fail this recipe, even if it’s the first time you cook! A recipe with just a few ingredients but nicely balanced taste, ready to surprise all meat lovers! 


the recipe



  • 1 kilo pork meat (brisket or bottom round) cut in big bites
  • 6tbsp. olive oil
  • 70gr. red or white wine
  • 70gr. boiled water
  • 250gr. fresh mushrooms cut in thick slices
  • salt
  • black pepper
  • some dry oregano and fresh lemon juice for serving



  • Warm up the olive oil in a big pan in medium-high temperature.
  • Wipe all meat pieces with kitchen paper so that they are completely dry before frying. Sauté the meat pieces until they get a nice brown color.
  • Add the wine and water, set the temperature in low level, cover the pan and cook for 20′.
  • After that, add the mushrooms, salt, pepper and boil for another 25′-30′ keeping the pan covered.
  • Uncover and cook a little further to make sure that there is no water left.
  • Serve with dry oregano and fresh lemon juice and …

Enjoy !



  • You can try also leek tigania or add in the recipe above thick onion slices !



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