Leek ‘Tigania’ – Fried pork with leek


Leek. I’ve probably said this for other ingredients I admit, but really, how would life be without leek? Leek can accompany on its own (no fries, no rice) some beautiful pork, not all vegetables can do that.. In Greece, leek ‘tigania’ is served either as ‘meze’ or as main course. It’s really a winter recipe served with a glass of red dry wine and some freshly baked crispy bread. Winter.. not that bad after all!

 the recipe



  • 500gr. pork meat (shoulder or tenderloin)
  • 6 big leeks
  • 1 onion
  • 100ml. red dry wine
  • 60ml. olive oil
  • salt and black pepper



  • Cut the meat in big pieces and wipe them well with some cooking paper so that it becomes dry on the outside.
  • Cut the onion and leek in pieces (not very thin).
  • Warm up the olive oil in high temperature in a deep pot. Add the pork and make sure it gets a nice color in all sides.
  • Add the wine and after 2′-3′ set the temperature in low level and add the leek and onion pieces. Mix, cover the pot and cook for 45′-50′.
  • When the time is up, uncover, add the salt and pepper and cook another 5′-7′.
  • Serve as it’s still warm and..




  • Enjoy with a glass of red dry wine and fresh bread!
  • You can either add chill pepper, it’s a recipe that welcomes any kind of pepper!



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