Beans and greens salad

A year ago I made this great discovery. I’ve found a way to eat ‘horta‘ salad (different kinds of boiled greens). In Greece it’s easy to find many kinds of old greens in open markets, so nutritious and great in taste, amazing! I love them so much. In Netherlands people don’t eat them, I bet you can find them […]

Feta cheese with sesame

That’s what happens when it’s been a while since the last time that you really partied. You spend almost all of the next time sleeping, eating and then going back to bed again. The 27th of April is Koningsdag, the biggest celebration in the Netherlands. Dutch are all out in the streets and parks selling […]

Fondant with dates and cacao

Once upon a time there was a date. A humble, simple date with a bit of weird shape, dark color and a seed in the middle, for sure not saying much compared to a piece of chocolate. However, as years go by there is a time that you appreciate and search for fresh, simple, pure, […]

Salad with black eyed beans

This recipe was an inspiration from a man who wanted to make a statement for simple and tasty food; it doesn’t have to be necessarily good looking to be delicious. Since all ingredients match just put them all together in a bowl and go! Go, move on. Actually, when was the last time that you said to […]

Butternut squash pie

There are lots of pumpkins out there. I haven’t tried them all (yet). However, the taste of the butternut squash was an amazing surprise for me (in Greece where I grew up, these type of pumpkins are not usually found in our cuisine). What got my attention was its weird shape and its intensively warm […]

‘Tiropitakia Kourou’ – Feta cheese pies

When I made those mini pies I got this image in my mind: a bus full of schoolmates climbing the hills of a mountain somewhere in northern Greece. Laughters, teasing among friends, fun moments and then in my bag, wrapped in aluminum foil those cheese ‘kourou’ pies. I think it’s the combination of feta and […]

Zucchini salad

When I was younger, I was claiming winter to be my favorite season. When I started cooking more often and came closer to knowing a lot of ingredients (and for a lot other reasons), I realized that all seasons are unique. As a big fan of fresh fruits and vegetables though, I now have a […]

Homemade lemonade

Weather is getting better here in Netherlands so I’ve picked up again my beautiful, long bicycle rides! Coming back home yesterday from a bike trip, full of sun and summer smells, I dreamt of a fresh, cold lemonade! I stopped in the grocery store close to my home, the one that this polite Lebanese sir […]


Truth is that I wanted to make a traditional recipe for chick pea ‘balls’ from Sifnos, a beautiful Greek island. In order to do that I needed marjoram which I couldn’t find in Netherlands so I thought ‘let’s go with all the rest we’ve got!’. So Falafel it is! It’s been a while since the […]


There is some magic in your kitchen. It’s chick peas.. It’s so wonderful how many healthy dishes you can make with them! And hummus is just one of them. Last weekend I cooked a lot (well that’s no news for me actually). But what I did was 3 different recipes with chick peas. Starting with hummus, this delicious […]