Fondant with dates and cacao


Once upon a time there was a date. A humble, simple date with a bit of weird shape, dark color and a seed in the middle, for sure not saying much compared to a piece of chocolate. However, as years go by there is a time that you appreciate and search for fresh, simple, pure, non processed things in life. That’s when dates come back.. And yes, there was a time that you thought that a piece of chocolate is fancier that a date, or that dates are only for grown ups and elderly people. Perhaps you’re old enough now to know that dates are great no matter your age!


the recipe



  • 20 dates without the skin and seeds
  • 140gr. almonds or walnuts smashed in powder
  • 2tsp. bitter almond liquor
  • 4-5tbsp. cacao powder



  • Put the dates in a bowl (after you have removed the seed and skin).
  • Put the almonds (or walnuts) in a blender and cut them until you get a thin powder. Add the powder in the bowl with the dates.
  • Add the liquor in the bowl and mix with your hands so that you get a smooth mixture. If you batter is too moist you can add some more almond powder.
  • Make small balls with your hands in the size of a walnut and let them rest in the freezer for 10′.
  • Roll the fondants in the cacao powder so that they are nicely covered all over and …

Enjoy !



  • If you want to give them also to your kids you can replace liquor for orange juice!
  • You can also add cacao inside the fondants by adding 1tbsp. cacao while mixing.
  • If you like nuts in big pieces in the desserts then you can add in the existing recipe 2tbsp. of almonds in bigger pieces.








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  1. mistimaan says:

    Looks good


  2. TwoBrits says:

    Yum! And your photography is incredible!

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    1. than you very much!


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