Wild figs spoon sweet

This is the 2nd wild fig recipe of the trilogy. And the most popular recipe with wild figs in Greece. The ‘spoon’ desserts are made out of a big fruit variety (occasionally also from vegetables). As we serve a portion of the dessert as big as a small spoon can take, they got their name […]

Reversed forest fruit cake

Here in Netherlands, small wild strawberries and all other kinds of berries are very common to find. Especially now that are in season, you can find them in the open markets in a very good price too. After a recent trip in Paris, I got back with lots of recipes magazines for food and desserts […]

Fondant with dates and cacao

Once upon a time there was a date. A humble, simple date with a bit of weird shape, dark color and a seed in the middle, for sure not saying much compared to a piece of chocolate. However, as years go by there is a time that you appreciate and search for fresh, simple, pure, […]

Quince chutney cake

In Greece there is this dessert category, the so called ‘Spoon sweets’ or else fruit chutneys. Every Greek mom (or dad, but usually mom) makes a few during summer time together with jams. And what is regularly happening is that your mom wants you to have one or two or more jars, until you say […]

Chocolate cake

This chocolate cake is for those well prepared for it.. Meaning those who love chocolate, love desserts, love enjoying things to the edge like extra dose of cocoa-butter-powder sugar altogether exploding in your mouth.. Seriously, if you’re not in to extreme situations don’t try that!!  This is one of these tall cakes that are relatively wet […]