Apple cinnamon jam

Why do you like cooking? If you think about it you will realize all end up to Freedom. No limits in creativity and inspiration. Absolutely endless combinations of food and baking ways of it. A typical example everyone has faced: these ‘I have no idea what to cook today’ that led to delicious and unique […]

The cacao ‘beet’

Beets, olive oil, salt – salad! Cacao, sugar, flour, eggs – dessert! Logic and thinking are usually necessary for progress and success. Or not? What if you start using your senses more? What if you start trusting your feelings more? What if it makes sense something that isn’t logical? What if you start doing more […]

Banana bread with olive oil

I was talking to a colleague at work and she was saying that baking a cake looks impossible to her. Can’t do it, can’t figure out the portions, can’t deal with the oven, can’t beat the eggs, can’t, can’t can’t… Why are we so much afraid really? So alright, I can (I actually want to) […]

Cinnamon cookies

Lately we are becoming full of sweet little foxes (in Greek this metaphor is used for sweet, smart, lovely people). They are coming from everywhere, they look like little aliens at first, they cannot even hold their head up straight, they look you slowly straight in the eyes scanning your face and reactions (who knows […]

Hitscock’s Applepie

Athens, Hitscock, warm summer afternoons, cicadas and Dutch apples. What’s there in common? It was this warn afternoon this summer in Athens that I randomly found a cook book with recipes of dishes that appeared in Hitscock’s movies. I thought ok, these should be as exciting as his movies. Eat my Greek salad on the […]

Eggs with spinach

When work gets too much, when it actually gets to your mind, you really need to reconsider things. Weigh in terms of importance. You should always take care of yourself, no one else will. A bit old-fashioned but so true. No matter what, you shouldn’t stop eating homemade food. Even when time is limited (or for some reason […]

‘Tiropitakia Kourou’ – Feta cheese pies

When I made those mini pies I got this image in my mind: a bus full of schoolmates climbing the hills of a mountain somewhere in northern Greece. Laughters, teasing among friends, fun moments and then in my bag, wrapped in aluminum foil those cheese ‘kourou’ pies. I think it’s the combination of feta and […]

Lemon biscuits

It’s been a while since I made those biscuits. We already ate them with my family during Easter! It is actually the third recipe I made using the dough of the ‘Kalitsounia’ recipe. Adding some lemon juice and the lemon skin for aroma I transformed the original dough into these delicious biscuits. Again, there is so much happiness coming from baking your own […]

Toast with halloumi & tomato paste

This is for all the single people out there who need to travel for work often and have to face an almost empty fridge on the way back. You’re heading back home from the airport and all you want is a hot shower, you don’t care about the super market, you have faith in you. Great! So […]