Wild figs spoon sweet

This is the 2nd wild fig recipe of the trilogy. And the most popular recipe with wild figs in Greece. The ‘spoon’ desserts are made out of a big fruit variety (occasionally also from vegetables). As we serve a portion of the dessert as big as a small spoon can take, they got their name […]

The cacao ‘beet’

Beets, olive oil, salt – salad! Cacao, sugar, flour, eggs – dessert! Logic and thinking are usually necessary for progress and success. Or not? What if you start using your senses more? What if you start trusting your feelings more? What if it makes sense something that isn’t logical? What if you start doing more […]

Fondant with dates and cacao

Once upon a time there was a date. A humble, simple date with a bit of weird shape, dark color and a seed in the middle, for sure not saying much compared to a piece of chocolate. However, as years go by there is a time that you appreciate and search for fresh, simple, pure, […]