Chickpea salad with parsley pesto

Chickpeas again! Lovely ingredient with so much potential when it comes to recipes.. It all started though with this big bunch of parsley I ended up having in my fridge. I was in the market previous Saturday and I wanted some parsley mainly for the fish soup I made and the fresh green beans recipe […]

Pasta with pesto & shrimps

Today is ‘Tsiknopempti’ and that for Greek people basically means one thing: eating (grilled) meat. Lots and lots of it! And dancing, and drinking, and having fun! It’s celebrated within the 2nd week of Carnival and it’s just a few days before a 40-days fasting before Easter. Due to bad time management (spent too much time […]

Pesto sauce

If you start cooking regularly during the week, you’ll realize after a while that even when you come back from work hungry and tired, delivery food won’t be good enough anymore! So help yourself and keep in the fridge a jar with homemade basil pesto for times like these (and for others as well).. You […]