Saragli – Greek rolled baklava

Saragli is the baklava version that is nicely wrapped, allowing you to simply use your hands to eat it! That means that pleasure of eating it will be even more. That’s my view of course, I just think that when you don’t use any fork/knife/spoon to eat and you do it directly with your hands, […]

‘Vassilopita’ – New Year’s cake with ginger

What happens when something comes to an end? How do you feel when you think of ‘the end’? The end of a relationship, the end of a friendship, the end of a movie, the end of the year. A lot of different ‘ends’. The truth is that ‘the end’ is the absolutely natural progress of […]

‘Diples’ – Honey rolls

‘Diples’ is on of the most typical Christmas desserts in Greece together with ‘kourampiedes‘ and ‘melomakarona‘. I found out recently that in some regions like Kalamata, it’s made throughout the whole year and it’s the typical treat in weddings. ‘My mom made 500 dimples for my brother’s wedding!’, told me my friend from Kalamata, Sophia. […]