pappardelle with mushrooms


if you really want to make a good impression go with something simple but tasty, casual but unique, a dish that anyone would like to eat but all would think it was especially made for them.. and believe me they would feel special if you feel it too when you cook it, I know it sounds super romantic / girly / pinkish..  you name it, but’s true!

the recipe



for the ‘sauce’ which isn’t a regular sauce

  • 300gr. mushrooms
  • 80gr. olive oil
  • 4 medium onions
  • 4 garlic cloves
  • 2tsp. fresh thyme
  • 2-3 small thyme sprigs
  • 20ml. white wine
  • some lemon drops
  • salt & black pepper

for the pasta

  • 500gr. pappardelle
  • water
  • salt



For this recipe you will start cooking the pasta and the ‘sauce’ separately and will mix them some minutes before all are ready. Begin with the mushrooms.

  • Put in a pot (or a deep pan with a cover) the olive oil and warm it up.
  • At the same time wash the mushrooms, peel the onions and garlics and cut all into fine thin slices 2cm thick. When the oil is warm add them into the pan.
  • After stirring for some seconds, add the wine and mix. Afterwards lower the fire, add the water, thyme, salt and pepper, cover the pot and let it be cooked for 30′.
  • In a separate pot boil some water for the pasta. When starts boiling add some salt and the pappardelle. For the exact cooking time for this kind of pastα follow the instructions in the package. In general they should need approximately 16′-17′ before they are ready. An advice; stir just one time the pasta, it’s really delicate and you don’t want to break it!
  • Before the pappardelle are completely ready, so after 12′-13′ boiling, remove them from the fire, and using a skimmer spoon move them immediately into the pot with the mushrooms and onions. Add some extra water if necessary (use the one from the pasta), cover the pot and cook another 10′-12′.
  • The goal is to have nicely cooked pappardelle that doesn’t stick to each other. Trust your senses and handle water additions accordingly. If you think there are too many liquids uncover the pot, put the fire a little bit higher and let the liquids be evaporated.
  • Serve as it’s still warm and ..



Since this dish is worthy if it’s still warm, if you cook for more people (hopefully!) and you have a last minute change of plans you can still ‘revive’ this dish by warming it up in the pot adding some extra water and olive oil!



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