Ice cream with wild figs


Fig recipe nr.3, trilogy completed – Ice cream with wild figs spoon sweet without an ice cream machine! The time to go to Greece for summer has come again, end of August as always during the past years. And this August I am celebrating 5 years since the second time in my life that I moved to Netherlands. I came so much closer to who I really am during these years. Not necessarily because I live here now, but because I guess that this is what I have always wanted: to get closer to me, to who I am, to what I love and what I need. And at least for now, for this period of my life I got to know what I am, and love and need. Sun in my face, smell of linden trees coming from my open window, a cake baking in the oven and figs.


the recipe


  • 450gr. cold double cream
  • 400gr. sweetens condensed milk
  • 500gr. wild fig spoon sweet (only the figs not the sirup)



  • Drain he figs from the sirup and chop them in small pieces (or bigger depending on your taste).
  • Beat the double cream with a mixer until it gets the texture of yogurt (thick), that’s approximate 5′.
  • Add in the mixture the condensed milk and continue beating for another 3′.
  • Add the chopped figs and mix well.
  • Move the mixture in a metallic cake pan that you have covered with baking paper.
  • Put the pan in the freezer for at least 8h. For the first 4h take it out every 1-1.5h and mix the ice cream with a spoon to help it become as fluffy as possible.




You can make this recipe also with other fruit spoon sweets, jams or fresh fruit. Or caramel, cookie bites, tahini and halva chips and any other delicious idea you have.



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