Afghanistan rice pilaf

A cold night in Rotterdam, looking for a place to have dinner and open to try new flavors we ended up in an Afghanistan restaurant. Netherlands might not have the most sophisticated cuisine, however you can find food from many different cultures. It was the first time I tried Afghanistan food, spices, lamp, vegetables and […]

Salmon with mustard sauce

And then, you have those times when you have no more ideas, when you say “I can’t no more, I’m tired, I’m bored, I will not post anything today, I just want to eat without thinking food styling for once!” And that goes on and on and on.. “And you know what? I don’t even want […]

chicken with potatoes & carrots

this may look like a ‘Sunday’ recipe let’s say, you know the ones that your mother used to cook cause everybody would eat together for sure and most of the times it would be a recipe that require more time. The truth is that this one will take a lot less time than what you’d expect but for […]