Chickpea salad with parsley pesto

Chickpeas again! Lovely ingredient with so much potential when it comes to recipes.. It all started though with this big bunch of parsley I ended up having in my fridge. I was in the market previous Saturday and I wanted some parsley mainly for the fish soup I made and the fresh green beans recipe […]


Truth is that I wanted to make a traditional recipe for chick pea ‘balls’ from Sifnos, a beautiful Greek island. In order to do that I needed marjoram which I couldn’t find in Netherlands so I thought ‘let’s go with all the rest we’ve got!’. So Falafel it is! It’s been a while since the […]


There is some magic in your kitchen. It’s chick peas.. It’s so wonderful how many healthy dishes you can make with them! And hummus is just one of them. Last weekend I cooked a lot (well that’s no news for me actually). But what I did was 3 different recipes with chick peas. Starting with hummus, this delicious […]