Afghanistan rice pilaf

A cold night in Rotterdam, looking for a place to have dinner and open to try new flavors we ended up in an Afghanistan restaurant. Netherlands might not have the most sophisticated cuisine, however you can find food from many different cultures. It was the first time I tried Afghanistan food, spices, lamp, vegetables and […]

Raisins cookies

I made these cookies for the first time 6 years ago. It was part of a Christmas gift I was preparing for my friends. I was a little skeptical to be honest. You know how most people don’t like raisins in their sweets/desserts? Raisins cookies? Why? Well, why not?These cookies were such a big success that […]

Dutch apple pie – ‘Appeltaart’

If you ever come in the Netherlands and don’t try apple pie is like going to Greece and not trying baklava; it’s really a shame. Apple pie is for Dutch people the most well-known dessert, everyone knows a recipe coming from their ‘oma’  (grandma), you can find it in every cafe, restaurant, super markets.. everywhere! […]

raisins bread “stafidopswmo”

‘stafidopswmo’ raisins bread reminds me of school! my mom used to give my sister and me a light lunch for school but I always liked eating a soft and most of the times still warm from the bakery stafidopswmo.. and I still do to be honest! it’s a great combination with a nice cup of […]