yogurt, thyme honey & walnuts


what should I write about Greek yogurt or honey or walnuts? they’re always in my kitchen and quite often altogether in my plate! it’s a combination that rings Greek bells, drives me to sunny blue skies, thyme scented steep mountains and happy hospitable people, who even when they get unexpected visitors and don’t have a treat (which is actually highly unlikely..) they would welcome everyone inside offering this beautiful sweet!

 the recipe



  • 200gr. Greek yogurt
  • 8 nuts
  • 1tbsp. thyme honey




There no extraordinary directions here to be honest, place gently the yogurt in a bowl, cut the nuts in small pieces and add the thyme honey on top! Let the different textures mix in your mouth and…




  • Make sure that you use an original Greek yogurt. It needs to be sour, firm with velvet texture!
  • You can certainly add raisins, fresh or dried figs, apricots or plums and some lovely cinnamon!
  • You can transform this dish to a more clear ‘dessert’ version by combining the yogurt with glyka koutaliou (spoon sweets)!

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