Chickpea salad with parsley pesto

Chickpeas again! Lovely ingredient with so much potential when it comes to recipes.. It all started though with this big bunch of parsley I ended up having in my fridge. I was in the market previous Saturday and I wanted some parsley mainly for the fish soup I made and the fresh green beans recipe […]


There is some magic in your kitchen. It’s chick peas.. It’s so wonderful how many healthy dishes you can make with them! And hummus is just one of them. Last weekend I cooked a lot (well that’s no news for me actually). But what I did was 3 different recipes with chick peas. Starting with hummus, this delicious […]


I tried Tabbouleh for the very first time one warm summer night in Athens, I think I was around 19-20, don’t really remember. What I do remember was taking some tabbouleh with my fork, wondering ‘what is this..’ and then feeling this juicy, fresh, tasteful mouthful of different kinds of ingredients.. ‘wow, how cool can this salad be?’ […]

‘Melitzanosalata’ – Eggplant salad

Eggplant salad for me is tied to family weekends in Krokos, in my home village. Eggplant salad is great either with fish or meat or whatever you want! When my dad starts a barbecue, eggplants will be the first ones to be grilled. First of all, because they need the high temperature that the woods […]

chimichurri sauce

chimichurri sauce comes from Argentina and it’s said that stands for ‘give-me-curry’ or in other words ‘give me sauce-seasoning’. people there eat it mostly with red meat but here’s what; today I moved in my new house, so when you have to finish up some many things you’re happy to have a jar with chimichurri sauce, […]