Salad with black eyed beans

This recipe was an inspiration from a man who wanted to make a statement for simple and tasty food; it doesn’t have to be necessarily good looking to be delicious. Since all ingredients match just put them all together in a bowl and go! Go, move on. Actually, when was the last time that you said to […]

Zucchini salad

When I was younger, I was claiming winter to be my favorite season. When I started cooking more often and came closer to knowing a lot of ingredients (and for a lot other reasons), I realized that all seasons are unique. As a big fan of fresh fruits and vegetables though, I now have a […]

Chickpea salad with parsley pesto

Chickpeas again! Lovely ingredient with so much potential when it comes to recipes.. It all started though with this big bunch of parsley I ended up having in my fridge. I was in the market previous Saturday and I wanted some parsley mainly for the fish soup I made and the fresh green beans recipe […]