Food catering in Amsterdam


Lately I have been working crazy hours at work, taking over new responsibilities, learning new things, learning how to manage my new team and basically learning how to manage myself.

When my friend Ioanna called saying “I have a catering offer for you, are you interested?” even though the responsibility was big and my time limited, I knew I would do whatever it takes to realize this. A step closer to all the things I’ve been dreaming and thinking for months. A new challenge. The answer was yes! By all means, yes! Having great cooperation with greek foodtales for all the high quality Greek ingredients I needed, I started planning the menu for the catering:

Dakos salad, Soutzoukakia, Tiropitakia Kourou, Imam Baildi and Kolokuthopita (the recipe will follow soon!).



The food catering was prepared for a ‘farewell’ party for a colleague of Ioanna that took place in a boat coursing in the canals of Amsterdam. A great Friday afternoon with warm summer weather which made it all just perfect.



After presenting each recipe, explaining the name, the idea behind each one and the importance of using quality ingredients to secure a tasty and authentic Greek recipe, we started sailing enjoying this beautiful afternoon!



Ioanna’s colleagues loved the food, they asked me questions about the recipes, they were very enthusiastic with the taste and they started telling me stories of beautiful times they had in summer vacations in Greece.

I had so much fun, I loved all the cooking preparation, it’s been a while since the last time I cooked for so many people and most of all I loved looking their happy faces when eating the food! This amazing feeling of feeding people with what you made, there’s nothing like that!



Looking forward to the next one, I would like to thank Ioanna for her confidence in me and greek foodtales for all the unique ingredients and the operational support which was crucial to pull all this together and make it happen!

Thank you!





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