Toast with halloumi & tomato paste


This is for all the single people out there who need to travel for work often and have to face an almost empty fridge on the way back. You’re heading back home from the airport and all you want is a hot shower, you don’t care about the super market, you have faith in you. Great! So you reach home, talk/text your mom+dad+closest friends ‘Yes, all good, I’m home’, have the shower and you go to bed. Then you wake up and you make toast with halloumi & tomato paste or the loved ingredients you always keep at home. You are a social, lovable person so you get the bread from the neighbor. If you’re not a ‘foodie freak’ scroll down and check the ‘Tips’ part for back up plans.


the recipe



  • 2 slides of bread you like
  • 100gr. halloumi
  • 50gr. sun dried tomato paste
  • 4tsp. olive oil
  • salt
  • chili pepper



  • Cut 4 thick slices of halloumi and grill it in a pan for some time until it gets soft and chewy.
  • At the same heat up your toast maker and prepare your bread.
  • When the bread is done, cut it in half, add some olive oil on top of each piece, some salt and lay the halloumi slice with some of the tomato paste on top (or the other way round). Spice it up with some chili pepper and..

Enjoy !



Plan B: If you really want to skip the cooking hassle on a jet lag morning but you are really hungry, you go like this: wake up, go straight to the kitchen and heat the oven at 200 degrees C on the grill mode, go to the bathroom, go to bed for another 10′ (you know you want it!), go back to the kitchen and cut the bread in half, add the olive oil, salt, tomato paste and halloumi cheese on top and bake it for 10′. Meanwhile you start making your coffee and open your pc/lap top/smartphone.. breakfast is served!

Plan C: Either you go to the super market in the first place or you order a food delivery or if you are reeeaaally social you go eat your neighbor’s breakfast. Good luck!



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