Vassilis’ birthday


You might expect another recipe but that’s a whole different kind of post..

So let’s go back a little bit. What’s your dream? That’s ok if you have more than one, you should actually! Well, one of my dreams is to find a way to cook for other people for a living. Searching for a way to do things, one has to be ready to try, make attempts and see how it goes.

About ten days ago, I was sitting on a cafe with Vassilis, catching up on a ‘to know us better’ kind of coffee since we barely knew each other. Of course I started talking (and taking and talking…) about my blog and how much I like cooking and what my related dream with that was.

Two days later, Vassilis texted me and said that his birthday was coming up and “… I have an idea. What if you cooked for my guests?” When I read the message I got this feeling, which is something like “YES!!!!!” and at the same time “Is this for real? What if something goes wrong?!” It’s when you realize that what was only in your head is happening right here in real life. I said yes of course. I thought that if I failed, I would know at least what went wrong and fix it the next time.

After discussing the menu we decided to go for “Tigania”-Fried pork with mushrooms, Spinach salad, “Kihi”-Greek cheese pie, Pasta with pesto and shrimps (recipe coming soon) and for desserts “Kormos”-Chocolate log and the Whole orange cake. Vassilis and his girlfriend Maria helped as well cooking a delicious Avocado-Tomato salad (Vassilis) and a velvet-creamy Ham & Cheese Quiche (Maria). Cooking for the first time for 12 people was not easy or simple. I had to go to the super market/butcher twice as the kind of meat I wanted was not all available at once, plus making pesto with fresh basil for 12 people can be challenging (had to carry 6 basil plants in my place and couldn’t do it driving a bike and carrying all the rest as well). Time management went well, I had time to went out and meet some friends the night before the birthday party, take a breath and relax for the ‘big’ day!

I arrived at Vassilis and Maria’s place a bit early to feel comfortable and cook the pasta dish as the shrimps needed to be a s freshly cooked as possible. I had my doubts cooking in a kitchen other than mine but it went well! I think in the end everyone was satisfied with the food, gave me feedback and more courage to go on.

I wouldn’t have done this if it wasn’t for Vassilis and the trust he showed me even though he hardly knew me, thank you for that!

And here are some photos of the food.. have a ‘taste’ for yourselves and enjoy!

‘Tigania’ – Fried pork bites with mushrooms
Spinach salad
‘Kihi’ Cheese pie
Mini ‘kihi’ cheese pies and mini ham-cheese quiche !
Pasta with pesto and shrimps
Vassilis’ avocado-tomato salad
Maria’s ham & cheese Quiche
Whole orange cake
‘Kormos’ Chocolate log




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