Afghanistan rice pilaf

A cold night in Rotterdam, looking for a place to have dinner and open to try new flavors we ended up in an Afghanistan restaurant. Netherlands might not have the most sophisticated cuisine, however you can find food from many different cultures. It was the first time I tried Afghanistan food, spices, lamp, vegetables and […]

‘Giouvarlakia’ – Meatball soup

I say, don’t fight. Don’t fight. Not the ordinary way at least. Get the punch. Take it. It’s yours. Take it all. You can and you should. It’s only then when you realize that you can handle way more than this punch. It’s only then when the blue sky comes. Laugh when your eyes are […]

Squid with wild rice & saffron

This summer in Netherlands is beyond all expectations. Everyone admits. It’s not the sunny days that make the difference, it’s the fact that they last and they come the one after the other for a long time. “Like Greece right?” my colleagues tell me at work. I smile at them, not having the right words to explain. How can […]

Leek with wild rice & saffron

Sometimes seeing something beautiful, makes us think that the person who made it is a high class artist/specialist/chef. And we feel amazed and think that “He is a specialist, that’s why. I couldn’t do that.” Well, think again. Was this person always a specialist? No. He had to start somehow. He had to try various things until sometime something […]

‘Soutzoukakia’ – Meatballs in red sauce

I love spices, I really do! In Greece there are small stores selling just spices and different kinds of nuts, their adorable! I like take a stroll in these places even if there is nothing I particularly need. It’s like opening the door to another world, full of aromas and stories, you feel calm and […]

salmon with lentils & rice

well, did I grew up with salmon? no. I  was eating it from time to time but I was always told to eat ‘locally’ and ‘seasonally’, meaning enjoy the place and time of the year you’re into. so of course you can find good salmon in Greece if you want but you can certainly find the […]

spinach-rice “spanakorizo”

spanakorizo is one of these recipes that you’d rather avoid as a kid but you’ll certainly adore as a grown up! so easy to make, there must be thousands of different versions that each Greek family uses…mine is the ‘golden’ one, with  Krokos Kozanis the famous Greek saffron. See how you’ll transform a humble recipe to its royal version!  the recipe […]