Quince chutney cake

In Greece there is this dessert category, the so called ‘Spoon sweets’ or else fruit chutneys. Every Greek mom (or dad, but usually mom) makes a few during summer time together with jams. And what is regularly happening is that your mom wants you to have one or two or more jars, until you say […]

Marble cake

Marble cake is what you make when you: want to please yourself and others, need some comfort food, need a nice smell for your home, want to empty your head of thoughts and cool down, want a treat for your guests, want a good looking cake lying around your kitchen, want to have a proper all inclusive […]

‘Vassilopita’ – New Year’s Cake

In New Year’s eve in Greece, we make a special cake (it could be sweet cake or savory pie) in which we ‘hide’ a lucky coin. The cake is split into pieces for all family members and attendants of the night and whoever gets the piece with the coin supposed to be ‘lucky’ for the […]

Whole orange cake

Does a whole raw orange, with the skin, fit in a cake? The answer is YES! You don’t have to pre-bake it or boil it, no. This cake is one of my favorites because it smells amazing, has a great color, is soft and juicy and because of the orange it needs less sugar than the regular cake. I’m […]